The president of the house, according to his friends Orestes, listens to Sitheropoulos music, insists on recycling everything and never misses a gig. Courteous, outgoing and sensitive, he loves animals and has deep concerns about the meaning of life and how to create a better world for us all.


Gentle and shy, Leda prays for our national team and is considered the 'brains' of the family. She knows so much and remembers so many facts! She loves animals, thinks before she acts and is just and caring towards other people and always ready to offer her support when needed.


His room testifies that he is a fan of the AEK football team. Makis knows everything there is to know about sport, because he is a sportsman and has won many boccia awards. He will choose the most in-place to take the group and he is the overall peacemaker, whenever any problems arise between the inhabitants of the Home.


He knows a lot about music, and he sings and laughs. On his way to the baker for bread, Dimitris will chat with anyone he meets. He has a warm disposition and loves old Greek films.

Giorgos O

With his beautiful singing voice and love of music, Giorgos is the life and soul of any party. He is a sports fan too and never misses a match. He has an outgoing disposition and is always prepared to help other people and to propose a logical solution to any problem.


Quiet and thoughtful, Giorgos spends time on his computer, but he is also a dedicated gardener and is in charge of all our plants and flowers. Sensitive and well-mannered, he takes good care of his health and diet and is highly knowledgeable on medical and scientific matters. He tries not to burden others with his problems and to be as self-sufficient as possible.


At the centre of any party or celebration, Evangelia is always on the lookout for an opportunity to go out shopping for perfumes and cosmetics. She loves good food and sweets and is always ready for an outing. She will help you even before you ask her to.


Cheerful and smiling, Christiana is out chatting and talking English to passers-by. She cooks delicious cakes and as a true book-lover, she is in charge of our lending library. Particularly sensitive, she sometimes finds it hard to express her wishes, but as she becomes more secure her distinctive personality grows more evident.



40 years have gone by since the founding of Cerebral Palsy Greece. In these years C. P.G. has charted a successful and honourable course in the service of people suffering from cerebral palsy in Greece..



A home of our own where we participate effectively in decision making and where our desires, needs, choices and opinions find a response.

A home where, with the help of qualified staff, we plan and manage our daily lives and build a future with open horizons.


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